Remote Control Dragon

HEXBUG remote control dragon on Amazon in green with wings and flexible feet

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HEXBUG remote control dragon on Amazon in green with wings and flexible feet

  • What: Remote Control Dragon
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, affordable, robotic
  • Where: Amazon

From the makers of Hexbug Nano comes another creature sure to fire up kids’ imaginations. With a laser beam and moving limbs, kids control the action with this Remote Control Dragon.

HEXBUG Remote Controlled Dragon on Amazon

This remote control dragon comes with bendable wings and a tail that sways. Kids can move their dragon on command. The rubber rotating legs mean it can handle almost any surface, while the red laser beam shoots from its mouth to light up any prey. The tiny remote has two buttons on the main control surface. One controls the forward and backward movement, while the other handles left and right. A tiny button at the top shoots the laser beam fire. Each remote can be used on four different channels, so kids can play with multiple dragons at the same time without any signals getting crossed.

Child using remote control to play with red Hexbug dragon toy on Christmas morning
My son loves controlling his red dragon.

The dragon comes with the button batteries needed to power it and also includes a charging cord. It takes about an hour to fully charge, and will run for roughly fifteen minutes of play on each charge. My seven-year-old son received this as a gift for the holidays, and he loves playing with it. The controls are intuitive and require no explanations or directions to learn how to use, making it a breeze to get playing. While this dragon doesn’t move super fast, it can handle all sorts of terrain, from wood floors to carpet and rugs and even the occasional obstacle. The transparent body makes it fun to watch all the components in action, and my kids love playing with it in the dark thanks to the light-up laser.

Whether your child wants to bring the dragons from books to life or merely loves remote control toys, you can’t go wrong with this remote controlled dragon from Hexbug.

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