More LEGO Boxes

IKEA LEGO Bygglek box with figurines inside

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Bigger Bygglek

IKEA LEGO Bygglek boxes stacked on top of each other
  • What: IKEA LEGO Bygglek
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Double duty, creative, affordable
  • Where: IKEA, Amazon

Last fall, we grabbed three sets of LEGO Bygglek from IKEA. They had only the smallest sizes in stock. It turns out, my kids love them so much, they bankrolled their own purchase of larger LEGO Bygglek to complete our set.

IKEA Bygglek Lego storage box

Bygglek Lego Box with Lid on IKEA

This bigger box holds so much more. While the smaller size works perfectly for keeping track of LEGO figures and small pieces, the big box makes even more room for playing and storing. The lid can be used as a base plate on or off the box, giving kids lots of creative opportunities that don’t take up tons of space once they finish playing. And unlike Swoop bags or other LEGO storage options, these sturdy boxes can keep LEGO creations intact. 

IKEA LEGO Bygglek boxes in creation
My kids made a big Bygglek creation out of all their boxes.

The biggest box measures over a foot long by ten inches wide and four inches high, but it can still fit easily on shelves. These boxes only come in white, making them blend in with a lot of IKEA furniture options. The light color also makes LEGO bricks and kids’ creations pop against the bright background.

IKEA LEGO Bygglek Boxes
The indentations along the side can be used to attached bricks.

The big box has the same indentations along each side lined with studs, so kids can attach figurines, bricks, or connect to other surfaces. All the boxes will stack easily on top of each other to create even bigger worlds for play. Our kids couldn’t even wait until we got home to open their new boxes, even though they had no LEGO pieces to enjoy with them. It took them no time to set up an entire area combining the big and smaller sized Bygglek.

IKEA LEGO Bygglek boxes
You can see how the different box sizes compare here.

If you want a storage option that does double duty for their blossoming LEGO collection, go big with Bygglek.

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