Minecraft Costumes

Disguise Minecraft Armor Deluxe child costume turquoise diamond armor three piece set pants hat shirt

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Bring Their Favorite Characters to Life

Disguise Deluxe Armor Minecraft diamond armor costume size large on eight year old kid

  • What: Minecraft Costume
  • When: 4 years and up
  • Why: Imaginative, wide range of choices
  • Where: Amazon

Want an easy costume for your Minecraft loving child? Sure, you could spend hours crafting the perfect disguise from cardboard, paints, and more. Or you could have a comfortable costume delivered right to your door, thanks to the Minecraft Costumes available.

Disguise Minecraft Armor Deluxe Costume on Amazon

My child chose the Disguise Minecraft Armor Deluxe Costume for Halloween this year, and I gotta say, I love it. It came in a complete set, with pants, top, and even a hat. The elastic waist on the pants lets them go on over his regular clothes, as does the roomy but boxy top.

Minecraft deluxe diamond armor costume for kids
Add a Minecraft sword or other weapon to complete their look.

The separate pieces mean my eight year old doesn’t need help putting them on or taking them off, and more importantly, he can take himself to the bathroom with no assistance. We went a size up so we could use it longer. The pants easily roll up if needed, and the top works at any length.

Child putting on Disguise Minecraft Armor Deluxe diamond costume
My eight year old has no trouble getting in and out of his size large kid costume himself.

There are tons of Minecraft-themed costumes out there, in both kid and adult sizes. From dragons to creepers, it’s easy to find one your child will love long past Halloween. Pair it with your choice of Minecraft Weapon Toys to complete your child’s look and let them bring their favorite Minecraft characters to life.

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