More of These Classic Books for Kids In Graphic Novel Format

Jessi's Secret Language The Baby-Sitters Club graphic novel by Chan Chau based on Ann M. Martin books

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The Baby-Sitters Club Books Grow Their Graphic Collection 

Jessi's Secret Language The Baby-Sitters Club graphic novel by Chan Chau based on Ann M. Martin books
  • What: The Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novels
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Easy to read, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Guess what? If you loved the Baby-Sitters Club books growing up, they have even more of these great kids’ stories in graphic novel form. Want to know how I found out? My daughter received number twelve as a present for the holidays.

Claudia and The New Girl Graphic Novel on Amazon

These books have the same great stories based on the books from Ann M. Martin that you knew and loved growing up. But now, they come in a more approachable format, thanks to the graphic novel interpretation. Previously, they had the first eight titles in the series available as graphic novels. In the last two years, they have rolled out five more titles, three in 2022 alone, bringing the total to thirteen of these great reads for kids.

The Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels 1 through 11
Now kids can choose from more of these great graphic novel adaptations.

Now you can get Claudia and the New Girl, Kristy and the Snobs, Goodbye, Stacey, Good-bye!, Jessi’s Secret Language, and Mary Anne’s Bad Luck Mystery, all available on Amazon. Much like the full length books, each one addresses issues still relevant to kids growing up today, from parents remarrying to learning about kids with differences. Let your child in on even more fun with these additional options now available.

Psst. You can read them, too, to relive the good times. We won’t tell.

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