The Best Offscreen Zelda Entertainment

Zelda Hyrule Historia book, Official Guide, and Art and Artifacts books stacked

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Books for Hyrule Enthusiasts

The Official Guide to Zelda, Art and Artifacts book and Hyrule Historia book in stack
  • What: The world of Zelda
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, non-electronic
  • Where: Amazon

Does your child want to spend every waking minute immersed in the land of Hyrule? Have they played all the Zelda video games over and over? If you want to expand their knowledge of this popular fantasy world, check out the books on this list to learn about the art, history, and more behind this series.

The Legend of Zelda Official Guide reference book Woodland Tower Region map

Official Guide: Take an in depth tour of the entire world of Zelda thanks to this book. With over 500 pages, it covers nearly everything related to the game. From detailed maps to hints for finding the best weapons and treasure, kids (and adults!) can bring the knowledge to their next gaming session. Or they can enjoy delving deeper into the legend.

Hyrule Historia page with kingdom in chaos and triforce chosen

Hyrule Historia: If you ever wanted to know more about any of the games, this book has the answers. From the beginning of the saga to the most recent selections, readers can find the answers here. Lots of artwork and special items illustrate this 200 page book, which covers the games in chronological order and offers much more.

Zelda Art & Artifacts reference book page with sketch and full color illustration

Art and Artifacts: Peruse more than 400 pages packed with art from the Zelda series. Divided into three sections, this reference book contains scenes from the games, character drawings, and plenty of bonus materials. Kids can enjoy the art on its own, or use the pages as inspirations for their own drawings or tracing projects.

first page of chapter two from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past graphic novel by Shotaro Ishinomori

Graphic Novel: If your kids want more story and you want less screen time, you can both get what you want thanks to this graphic novel. It conveys the tale of Link rescuing Hyrule, with plenty of recognizable terrain and talents. But it also includes a few new details to keep kids turning the pages long after game time ends.

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