Honest Company Swim Diapers

Made for Minuscule MidgetsHonest Company reusable cloth swim diaper in white whale print on blue background

  • What: Honest Company Cloth Swim Diapers
  • When: Birth to potty training
  • Why Not: Tight fit for multiple sizes
  • Where: Amazon

I love Honest Company disposable diapers. So I thought their reusable swim diapers would be equally charming. I had a discount code and ordered online. The first one showed up tiny, despite me religiously checking and double checking the size charts.

So I kept that one for child number three and dutifully ordered one size up. It didn’t work out that well, either. The drawstring waist seemed like a great idea, but in reality it cut into the belly of both my skinny kids who wore them. The elastic leg openings had a similar problem, and I worried about cutting off their circulation, which had never concerned me before with my slender offspring.

I loved the gender neutral prints. The cute patterned fabric seemed high quality and made without harmful dyes, but I still need it to function. The tight fit, even dry, made it a complete misery to take off when wet the one time I tried to use each size. If you want a reliable swim diaper that comes in a much wider size range, check out iplay Swim Diapers.

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