More Easy Chapter Books for Kids

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Big Text for Serious FunDiary of a Pug Pug Blasts Off book one from Kyla May books for beginning readers

  • What: More easy chapter books for kids 
  • When: 5 to 8 years 
  • Why: Entertaining, large text, lots of pictures
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to fill the rest of the summer with reading? Maybe you want to start the school year off right by encouraging your young reader to enjoy books independently. If you want fun books just right for kids ready for easy chapter books, check out these selections.

Mack Rhino, Private Eye books by Paul Dubois Jacobs The Big Race Lace Case and The Candy Caper Case

Mac Rhino, Private Eye: In the style of detective stories everywhere, Mac the Rhino investigates local crimes like stolen shoelaces along with his trusty sidekick. The large text and short chapters, along a variety of animal characters, make these great reads for kids to enjoy.

Zoey and Sassafras books Grumplets and Pests and The Pod and the Bog

Zoey and Sassafras: Each book in this series focuses on some magical creature who needs help. Enter Zoey and her pet cat Sassafras, who apply the scientific method to devise practical solutions to fantastical problems. Kids will love the fun characters, while adults enjoy the easy to understand breakdown of scientific concepts.

Henry and Mudge the First book on Amazon

Henry and Mudge: The irresistible duo of Henry and his oversized pet dog will thrill readers. Each book comes with three tales, which can be read all together or one at a time. With lots of illustrations and endless topics, kids can pick and choose their favorites or read them all.

Diary of a Pug: This journal type book means large text and frequent chapters, making these books great for transitioning readers. Get a peek from a pet’s perspective with Bub the pug, who loves dressing up and hates the rain. With six books in the series, kids will love the exploits of Bub and his human companion Bella.

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