NFL Action at Home

NFL Showdown game footballs with team logos in pile

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Catch the Magic of the Sport

NFL Showdown football board game set up for play
  • What: NFL Action at Home
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, affordable, fun
  • Where: Amazon

My kid loves football. He comes by this hobby naturally, and as a result, especially during the pandemic with limited team sports, we’ve sussed out a lot of football games to indulge our obsession year round. From the compact football peg game to electric football, we’ve spent some quality time recreating the joys of the game without ever leaving the house.

NFL Showdown game on Amazon

So when we saw NFL Showdown in a store, we grabbed it. Little did I know it would become our favorite football pastime besides watching actual games. My son got it for his birthday in the fall, and we still play it regularly. This board game simulates the excitement of the NFL. It includes 32 football cutouts, one for each pro team, that can be attached to the scoreboard for tracking points. Each team also gets two Big Play Cards, highlighting their special skills, such as breaking a pass, getting extra yards on a play, and more. Two dice determine the distance of plays, one for short gains and the other for longer plays. The third dice rolls for the outcome of plays with catch, miss, and interception. With a field goal and actual football and kicker, kids and adults alike can simulate the action.

NFL Showdown football board game playbook cards face up on field to determine play and yards gained
Offense and defense cards line up to determine the outcome of the play.

With one of the most exciting weekends in playoff football history behind us and the big game just around the corner, we’re looking forward to re-enacting the biggest games from this season. Thanks to NFL Showdown, we can enjoy the excitement of football year round.

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