Happy Valentine’s Day 2022!

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Hearty Wishes for Lots of LoveHappy Valentines Day 2022 1

  • What: Happy Valentine’s Day
  • When: February 14th, 2022
  • Why: Celebrate love in all its forms
  • Where: At home

From our family to yours, wishing you a whole lot of love on this Valentine’s Day! Whether you want a romantic evening with your significant other, or fun with your kids, we hope all your lovely wishes come true.

Preschooler child wearing heart glasses frames hugging pink teddy bear with heart flowers in background and Happy Valentine's Day sign

Free Date Ideas: Got time but not much money to spend? Want a way to spend some precious moments together without the kids? Whether you want to save some bucks on babysitting or just take advantage of kids back in school, these free ideas will get you and your beloved back together.

Date Night Ideas: Got a sitter but nowhere to go? While it can be trickier than ever these days to find brief escapes from all the stress, this list offers a few suggestions that go beyond dinner or a movie. Whether you want to get outside or find something new, pick one of these ideas to try with your favorite person.

Eight Date Ideas: Want to reconnect with your loved one after kids? Feel like the spark needs a little kindling? This book from Dr. John Gottman outlines eight dates and discussions to help couples at any age and stage to revitalize their love life.

Games for Every Situation: If you want to ramp up the fun with the whole family, whip out a new game everyone can enjoy. Whether you want a quick card game to go with that heart cake you baked, or a board game that will last the evening, find a game that’s perfect for your family here.

Family Movie Night: Grab the remote and your closest loved ones and settle onto the sofa for some quality family time. Pick a great love story or let your kids choose the flick. The best part is spending time together.

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