Hexbug Spider

HEXBUG Spider in green with two button remote control

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Multiple Legged Fun

HEXBUG Spider in green with two button remote control
  • What: Hexbug Spider 
  • When: 5 to 12 years
  • Why: Remote controlled, robotic
  • Where: Amazon

Hexbug, the company that brought you Nano robotic bugs, has moved up in the food chain. So if you want a remote controlled creature that kids will adore, check out the Hexbug Spider.

Hexbug Spider on Amazon

With six spindly legs, the Hexbug Spider moves in any direction at the push of a button. The clear casing comes in five different colors, and kids can use the two-channel remote to move it around freely. All those legs make it easy to navigate on hard floors, carpet, or rugs. It probably works outside as well, though we haven’t tested it there. Thanks to the two channel remote, kids can control multiple spiders together or separately. The remote makes it easy for kids to play right out of the box, with one button moving the spider forward and backward and the other moving it left and right.

HEXBUG Spider in green crawling on top of book
These spiders move all their legs to get around.

My son received his Hexbug Spider as a gift more than two years ago and still plays with it. Despite the tiny remote, he hasn’t lost it, and the batteries, which come included, lasted well beyond my expectations. It works well with the Hexbug Dragon, which is a newer addition to our robotic collection. The spider makes minimal noise, making it an excellent choice for older kids who need to play quietly while younger siblings sleep or nap. And it fits into the palm of your hands, so it doesn’t take up much storage space. 

If you prefer mechanical arachnid inhabitants to the real kind, get your kid one of these remote controlled spiders.

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