Best Easter Baskets

Sable ferret with Easter basket filled with empty plastic Easter eggs

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Just the Right Size

Sable ferret with Easter basket filled with empty plastic Easter eggs
  • What: Best Easter Baskets
  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Keep eggs and treats contained
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for the perfect Easter basket for your child? Whether you want a basket that will go the distance over multiple years, or work as a sturdy container for all sorts of egg hunts, use these tips to get the right basket for your needs.

Child's Easter basket stuffed with small stuffed Peep plush, pen, plastic Easter eggs, and wind up bunny toy, and a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book
We’ve used the same Easter baskets for years.

In our family, we use the same Easter baskets year after year. That means they not only need to be able to hold lots of Easter bounty, but they should be sturdy enough for little ones without overburdening them. It’s also a pain when eggs bounce out of a basket, because as every parent knows, plenty of little hands will be nearby to grab loose eggs. Ease of storage the rest of the year also makes a big difference between baskets. These woven Easter Baskets top the list with features we prefer.

Woven Bamboo Easter Baskets 3 Pack on Amazon 

Baskets that stack go a long way towards winning our bunny stamp of approval, especially if you have more than one offspring. Look for baskets that can nest easily inside one another without bumping handles. 

Easter basket with movable handle stuffed with purple Peep plush, plastic eggs, wind up chick toy, and Sloth pencil pouch and tiny crocheted plant pot
This basket has a handle that moves, which makes loading, carrying, and storing much easier.

Speaking of handles, baskets with handles that move offer more flexibility, both for carrying and storing. Even a few degrees of movement can make the difference between stacking baskets and storing them side by side. It also makes it easier to carry multiple baskets at once, like after kids pick up all their eggs and only want to eat their treats.

Easter basket filled with edible grass, yellow small stuffed Peep, plastic eggs, wind up chick toy, Mad Libs, and music player
Wider baskets give you more room and flexibility to carry and display goodies.

Baskets with wide bases and taller sides will give you more flexibility on contents as well. The smaller the basket, the fewer goodies or eggs fit inside. A sturdy base means the basket won’t tip when loaded down. And tall sides offer lots of support for Easter treats for years to come, while also helping to prevent egg loss during the heat of the hunt. Want a softer side? Plush Easter Baskets like these from Amazon can be squished as needed to fit under strollers, into storage, or just about anywhere they need to go.

Child with soft fabric Easter Basket filled with plastic Easter eggs
Soft plush Easter baskets work great for egg hunts.

Not into buying a new basket each year or storing the ones you have? Consider an Easter bucket instead. This playtime staple can be used year round then put into service for Easter Egg hunts and bunny deliveries during the spring. Need ideas on what to stuff inside the basket or bucket of your choice? Look at our suggestions, from edible Easter grass to small scale books and toys sure to please. Don’t want the sugar rush? Try alternatives to Easter candy and see what sparks your Easter spirit.

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