Best Bubble Toys for Kids

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Bubble Bonanza

  • What: Best Bubble Toys for Kids
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Affordable, entertaining, wide age range
  • Where: At home

Stuck inside during inclement weather? Want to give kids a little taste of summer without flooding the house? We have yet to meet a child who doesn’t love bubbles any time of the year, so we’ve rounded up the best toys for these simple yet magical iridescent spheres.

Bubble Torpedo stomp rocket outdoor toy jump blow bubbles kids

Bubble Torpedo: Why let your hands have all the fun when you can blast bubbles with your feet thanks to this torpedo? This bubble toy works much like a Stomp Rocket, but with a bubble wand attached to the bottom. Simply fill the dish with bubble solution, add the rocket to the launcher, and let kids blast off in a burst of bubble fun.

Orange clownfish shaped bubble gun blower toy for kids with bubble container attached

Bubble Gun Blower: This toy puts the action in kids’ hands. Simply attach a container of bubbles underneath and let kids pull the trigger. The battery-operated fan will produce bubbles galore. Be warned, however, that this toy can blow through bubbles quite quickly, so have a healthy supply on hand if you want the fun to last longer.

Fubbles Bubble Blastin' Machine in blue and green automatic bubble blower

Bubble Machine: If you want to automate the bubble blowing fun, you can’t go wrong with this machine. We’ve tried several bubble blowers and still like this one the best. The compact size produces oodles of bubbles. It runs on batteries, meaning no headaches trying to find an outlet or worry about kids tripping over the cord. Just sit back and watch your kids chase the bubbles without lifting a finger yourself.

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