Make Snack Time Appealing With This Easy Tip

Snack plate for kids on pink flower plate with Ritz crackers, apple slices, and peanuts

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Get Kids to Eat Healthier

Snack plate for kids on pink flower plate with Ritz crackers, apple sli s, and
  • What: Snack time presentation ideas
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Easy, healthy, fun
  • Where: At home

Did you know that with kids and food, presentation goes a long way? From making turtles out of avocados or faces from pancakes, parents have long known that getting kids to eat doesn’t have to be all business.  But if you want to elevate your snack time game, while focusing on healthy eating habits, don’t hesitate to make a display.

Snack platter for kids with apples, big fruit pouches, fruit leather strips, Clif Z Bars, and snack mix

Still need some ideas for snack plates? Look no further than these easy displays. Using food and dishware you already own, you can make just about anything visually appealing. From colorful kid plates to serving ware you love but rarely use, presentation matters. We’ve offered snack plates during play dates for years. Now the kids specifically request them because they love them so much.

Snack plate for kids with Ritz crackers, aliced

Simple Plates: Just about anything looks good when arranged. From sorting foods by color to making pretty patterns, you can use plates you already own as a backdrop for tasty creations. Try apple slices arranged around the perimeter in an overlapping circle. Or just make concentric circles of ingredients like dried fruit and cereal. Whatever you have on hand works like a charm.

homemade veggie tray snack time platter with carrots, celery, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes with ranch dressing in the middle

Dips and Spreads: Take your snack game up a notch by adding a bowl or container in the middle of the plate. Fill it with nuts or small items to serve as a centerpiece for your display. Or add a dip, like peanut butter, ranch, or hummus, and pair with fruits and veggies to scoop up the yumminess. 

snack plate cheese and crackers and salami

Cheese and Crackers: This staple of entertaining works great for kids, too. Take whatever crackers and cheese you have on hand and try arranging it in some sort of pattern. Crackers work great for filling in all sorts of gaps and spaces on plates and platters. Want to add some extra nutrition? Toss in some fruit for good measures. Apples, pears, and grapes all make great partners for these options.

Desserts: For extra credit, serve up dessert in the same manner. Cookies paired with chocolates in a bowl make a fun display. Or add melted chocolate or S’mores ingredients for an extra fun spin after meal times or for special events. 

Try one of these ideas for your next snack and see how fast the food flies off the plate. 

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