Best of January 2023

Hemnes convertible daybed with Ravensburger Four Games in One Box and Hasbro Clue Junior

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Great Games and Quality Furniture

Hemnes convertible daybed with Ravensburger Four Games in One Box and Hasbro Clue Junior
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Where does the time go? The eternal refrain of parents everywhere, for whom days last a lifetime but the years fly by. And so, too, here at Practically Apparent. While we had no trouble rounding up the favorites from 2022, we’ve neglected to post the monthly rankings in 2023. To rectify this oversight, we’re starting with January and will play catchup for the remaining months we’ve missed. Without further ado, here’s January’s most popular posts!

Hemnes convertible trundle daybed from IKEA

Hemnes Daybed: This daybed never strays far from the top posts, with good reason. Because it does triple (or even quadruple duty), parents across the globe love to make it part of their home furnishings. The basic bed can serve as seating, and the small footprint takes up only as much space as a single bed. Of course, it also works great for a twin bed. The pullout trundle will transform it in seconds into a king-sized bed. And the three storage drawers underneath can be accessed anytime in any mode.

Clue Junior mystery deduction logic board game for kids

Clue Junior: This classic game puts a kids’ spin on the mystery. Players compete to see who can figure out which colored pawn ate the cake, at white time, and with which drink. Parents will recognize some familiar faces and features, like Colonel Mustard. The best part? Kids don’t need any literary skills to play this game, and any player can move any pawn, eliminating squabbles over who gets which color.

Four First Games box lid from Ravensburger with four flowers, a bird, a tree, a colored die, and one playing piece shown on the cover of the box

Four Games in One Box: For the youngest gamers, this box has a lot to offer. Toddlers and preschoolers alike can start learning how to take turns, practice identifying colors, and build their social skills. Two reversible boards mean this box holds four games in increasing complexity. Even though Ravensburger doesn’t manufacture this specific set of games any longer, you can still get quality copies secondhand online and in person.

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