Magna-Tile Soldiers

Capture the Magnetic FortMagna-Tiles Soldiers 3

  • What: Magna-Tile Soldiers
  • When: Four years and up
  • Why: Combine toys for more fun
  • Where: At home

Want to expand the battleground for your child’s toy soldiers? Look no further than super versatile Magna-Tiles to create more epic landscapes for your kids to do battle.

Toy soldiers army men toys set up around Magna-Tiles building
My son set up his toy soldiers on his Magna-Tiles creation.

My son got a bucket full of toy soldiers for his fall birthday to keep his arming growing. He loves setting them up with the play mat included, or anywhere along the floor, and makes up games where players take turns dealing damages to dueling armies. But he recently took it one step further. He set up an entire multi-tiered scene thanks to our collection of Magna-Tiles.

Battle of toy soldiers army men set up on Magna-Tiles fortress
His setup included hangars for airplanes and landing pads for helicopters.

By staging armies on different levels and building, my son expanded his game and play. He built landing pads for helicopters and used higher ground for more defense points. He staged an attack of invading forces trying to defeat the defending soldiers and artillery, orienting each soldier carefully towards attack or defense. He even set up hangars and landing pads for the air forces. 

Army men fighting on Magna-Tiles building
Army men do battle with enemies on all levels of this structure.

My kids have had lots of fun combining Playmobil with their Magna-Tiles, as well as their toy vehicles, Lego, and even craft supplies. So I shouldn’t be surprised when I see an army invade and defend the Magna-Tile fortress. But I love to see what they can do when they combine their favorite toys without any input from me, especially when it keeps them entertained not only building but playing for hours on end.

If you don’t already own a solid set of magnetic building toys, consider grabbing one and seeing where your child’s imagination takes them.

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