Best Magnetic Tile Toys

Magnetic tile toy creation Magna-Tiles glow in the dark and ball run pipes and tubes

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Toys That Stick Together

Magnetic tile toy creation Magna-Tiles glow in the dark and ball run pipes and tubes

  • What: Best Magnetic Tile Toys
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Fun, durable, multiple ages
  • Where: Amazon

My kids still play with their magnetic tiles almost every single day, making them one of their favorite toys (and mine, too). With their easy to store pieces and endless creative possibilities, these connecting pieces make the grade. Whether your kids already own magnetic tile toys or want to expand their collection, you can’t go wrong with these sets.

Three kids playing with Lukat magnetic tiles pipes ball run toy

Magnetic Tiles: We love our Magna-Tiles, though you can get other brands like Picasso, Connetix, and Playmags. Each type has its own pros and cons, but regardless of what you ultimately decide, these magnetic connecting pieces will likely become one of your kid’s favorite toys for years to come.

Magna-Tiles magn

Glow in the Dark: We added the glow in the dark factor to our set. If you want a new punch and to give your kids a boost with their existing sets, bring the element of light into their play. Kids can charge the individual pieces or let them store up light over the course of the day. As an added bonus, the glowing pieces make it easier for kids and adults to avoid crashing into creations in the dark.

magnetic tile toy ball

Ball Run: This set of magnetic tiles includes pipes and balls, which makes for even more fun. Kids can set up half or whole pipes and experiment with gravity as they create structures to get the ball rolling. This offbrand set works wonderfully with our other Magna-Tile blocks, and brings a whole new level of play to their work.

magnetic tile toys cars Magna-Tiles

Cars: Put your child’s best creations on wheels with these magnetic cars. They come in two basic forms, including ones that connect to each other with magnets, and ones that use plastic hooks and loops to connect. I’ve found that the ones with hooks (like Picasso tiles) break down over time. While the cars still work, you can’t connect them and the broken bits can be sharp. The cars that magnet together have a bit less flexibility in movement once connected but don’t break down.

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