Star Wars Ideas for Kids

Star Wars Thermos insulated kids water bottle food jar container Adventures in Space books I've Got a Bad Feeling About This card game

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Gifts From Across the Galaxy

Star Wars Thermos insulated kids water bottle food jar container Adventures in Space books I've Got a Bad Feeling About This card game
  • What: Star Wars 
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Encourage your Star Wars enthusiast
  • Where: Amazon

Have a budding Luke Skywalker in your house? Maybe Princess Leia has taken up residence. If you have a kid obsessed with Star Wars, and you want some ideas to encourage their addiction without another dress up costume or more black and gray Lego in every conceivable brick shape, check out these ideas.

Star Wars BB8 Thermos insulated kid water bottle and rebel spaceships

Lunch Supplies: Let them eat like a Jedi with Thermos water bottles and food containers. You can get designs printed for the rebel or the dark side member of your family. From BB8 to all the popular ships and characters, these containers will keep your kid hydrated, fed, and ready for their next battle.

Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space book The Cold

Adventures in Wild Space Books: Combine their love of Star Wars with a love for reading. Follow along with the adventures of two young kids, Milo and Lina Graf, on a rescue mission across the galaxy to rescue their kidnapped parents. Set between the Clone Wars and the rise of the Jedi, these books take young readers through familiar territory with a cast of new characters to love and hate.

Star Wars Mandalorian Baby Yoda Trouble game

Trouble Game: Battle the forces of evil time and again with the Star Wars version of this popular game. Players take turns moving their pawns along the path. The first player to get all four pawns into their home base wins the game, but watch out! Other players can send you back to start time and time again with a lucky pop of the bubble, which rolls the die.

Build a Bear Kylo Ren bear in costume

Birthday Bears: Pick your favorite bear or other character, then dress them in full Star Wars regalia. Go during your child’s birthday month to get a discount on the stuffed animal and pay only their age, leaving a little more cash for fun Star Wars themed accessories. From Rey to baby Yoda and beyond, Star Wars fans can enjoy their own personal stuffed animal in full Star Wars style.

Star Wars Origami

Origami Book: Keep their hands occupied with something beside a light saber thanks to an origami book filled with Star Wars folding projects. Kids can create a variety of different characters, ships, and more with these projects, which range in difficulty level and come with step by step illustrated instructions.

Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles

Encyclopedias: Think your kid knows everything about Star Wars? Find out with one of the many encyclopedies on the market. From specific time periods, to battle ships and star fighters, there’s a book out there for every enthusiast. You can even get an encyclopedia of the LEGO Star Wars characters. Choose one or many of these books to keep your child entranced when not parked in front of the screen. 

Star Wars: I've Got a Bad Feeling About This! card game box

I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This: Challenge your rival in the force to a game of chance with this fast-paced card game. Avoid the NOOO! cards to stay in the game and increase your odds of surviving. Meanwhile, play cards to skip a turn or change the order in an effort to avoid the dreaded NOOO!. With anywhere from two to eight players, these cards come with humorous Star wars themed cartoon illustrations and text that any enthusiast can enjoy.

Where's the Wookie? 2 look and find Star Wars book for kids

Where’s the Wookie?: Practice your searching skills throughout the galaxy with the help of this look and find book. Much liked the famed Waldo, kids can search the busy pages, each with a different setting fans will recognize, to try and spot the most famous Wookie pilot.

May the Fourth be with you on your hunt for the perfect gift for your little rebel.

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