Luggage Options for Kids

JetKids BedBox Yodo Kids Rolling Suitcase Pottery Barn Kids MacKenzie Spinner Luggage Backpack Suitcase Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes in blue and red

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Suitcases in Their Size

JetKids BedBox Yodo Kids Rolling Suitcase Pottery Barn Kids MacKenzie Spinner Luggage

  • What: Luggage options for kids
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Let kids shoulder part of the load
  • Where: On the go

Traveling with your kids this summer? Whether you’re hitting the road or traversing long lines at the airport, get your kid in on the action with their very own luggage. From pint-sized packs for toddlers to durable suitcases for older kids, you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

Kid-Sized Suitcases: We started our kids on their travel journeys with these small fuzzy suitcases. With extendable handles, a sturdy removable base with wheels, and adjustable backpack straps, these bags go the distance, from overnight at the grandparents to international flights. You can get them in a variety of plush styles, and they hold enough books, snacks, and entertainment to keep little ones busy for hours.

Yodo Kids Rolling Suitcase in Shark print bright blue

Yodo Kids Rolling Suitcase: If you want a slightly larger version, catch one of these rolling backpacks made just for kids. With cute designs and extra pockets on the front and sides, kids can pack their own water bottles, snacks, toys, and more. Roomy enough for a weekend trip or just right for long road trips, these bags hold a bit more stuff for growing kids.


Spinner Luggage: If you want the full suitcase experience, these ultra durable hard-sided suitcases get the job done. With four wheels that spin in any direction, kids will have no trouble transporting them. Inside, a zippered pocket keeps things safely stowed on one side while the other features stretchy straps to keep everything in place while in motion. Choose from a variety of patterns and colors to suit any style.

JetKids BedBox: This suitcase provides the ultimate in luxury airline travel. With a sleek design, this bag does more than hold all their stuff. It doubles as a ride for the long distances between security and the gate. Once onboard, it turns any seat into a bed for kids, for the best flight experience ever. I only wish they had made these earlier, though we’ve used ours for years now and it’s still going strong.

Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes in large red and small

Pack It Cubes: No matter what type of suitcase you choose, keep all their clothes and other necessities organized with these ingenious cubes. These zippered pouches help keep clothes and other items compact, and make it easy to drop into any suitcase, whether it’s their luggage or yours. 

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