More Family Games 

Ghost Castle Connect 4 Apples to Apples Junior and Yahtzee National Parks version

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Family Fun for Everyone

Ghost Castle Connect 4

  • What: More Family Games
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, multiple age range
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for more ways to spend time with your kids this summer? Want to institute a Family Game Night but not sure where to get started? Whether it’s with extended family at the picnic table or just your household, everyone can enjoy these games, perfect for kids and adults to play together.

Connect 4 Four strategy game

Connect Four:  Connect four pieces to win the game. Players take turns dropping pieces into the vertical rack to try and get four in a row. Younger kids love emptying the rack after the game ends, and kids of any age can enjoy dropping the disks into the slots. Grownups watch out! It doesn’t take long for kids to strategize and start winning.

Apples to Apples Junior card game for kids and adults

Apples to Apples Junior: This three or more person game levels the playing field for all ages. One person acts as the judge, laying down their green apple card with a single word on it. All other players contribute a red apple card with a word that pairs with the first word. The judge picks their favorite submission and the winning player earns the green apple card. The first person to get four green apple cards wins. 

Yahtzee family dice game National Parks edition with shaker, dice, pencil, and scoring sheet

Yahtzee: Roll the dice and earn different combinations to get the highest score. Two players take turns rolling five dice. They can choose to re-roll any of the dice they’d like to get better combinations. After three rolls, they must choose one pattern to record on their score sheet and pass the dice. Get all five dice to match to earn the Yahtzee bonus.

Count Spooksalot sits atop the tower in Ghost Castle

Ghost Castle: Beware Sir Spooksalot and his mystery marble in this game of chance. Players take turns trying to escape a haunted castle filled with traps. Each player must navigate through four rooms, and the perils of each. Get caught by a trap and return to the last safe space to try again. The last person left loses the game, but never fear. Kids can’t get enough of the traps and triggers and will beg to play again.

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