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Don’t Leave Home Without These Bonus Items

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  • When: Birth to college
  • Why: Be prepared for almost anything
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If you’ve ever traveled with kids, you know that getting there is half the stress. With kids cooped up in tiny airline seats, or harnessed for hours at a time on road trips, parents take the brunt of the complaints. If you’re still earning your seasoned parent traveler badge, check this list twice before you depart. You will thank us well before you arrive at your destination.

Velcro hook and loop fastening tape rolled up in black

Velcro: You may not need an extra hand when wrangling young kids, luggage, and much much more, but let’s be honest: it never hurts. While you can’t sprout more appendages, a roll of Velcro tape will certainly handle some of the stuff, even when you can’t.

Samsonite Add-a-Bag luggage strap connecting Orla Kiely full size suitcase and roller board carry on suitcase

Luggage Strap: Hauling luggage from one stop to the next loses its appeal even faster when you have little ones in tow. Make your life simpler by attaching your bags together, so you can pull them with one hand. Or add your car seat bag to your suitcase, leaving your other hand free to grab your kids, open the door, push elevator buttons, and other essential stuff.

Plastic bag, luggage strap, and inflatable beach ball inside suitcase pocket

Extra Travel Items: These little things can make a big difference in how much fun everyone has getting to your final destination. And in case of unexpected changes to travel plans, they really pack a punch. Make sure you include these lightweight items that can be game changers.

Packing Essentials: For a complete rundown on everything you should remember to pack, check out this list. From clothes to medicines, make sure nothing gets forgotten. Then you can spend all your time relaxing at your destination, instead of searching for swim shorts or bug bite cream.

outlet covered with blue tape for child proofing

Travel with Blue Tape: Blue tape not only solves a myriad of problems at home, but also works wonders on the road. From blocking electrical outlets at vacation destinations, holding up makeshift blackout shades, and labeling belongings, a roll can really go the distance. It even provides entertainment in a pinch.

Toogli stroller hooks

Stroller Hook: If you still travel with a stroller and haven’t already gotten a stroller hook, there’s no time like a vacation to get equipped. With a large hook, you can attach your bag, everything you need for your kids, and even any shopping you grab on the way. No matter what you hang from it, this little lifesaver will make all your travel much simpler.

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