Fun Farm Games

Fun farm games for kids ChickyBoom Scramble Squares Count Your Chickens

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Animal-Packed Action

Fun Farm Games 2

  • What: Fun Farm Games
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Fun, entertaining, educational
  • Where: At home

Looking for something beyond toys to thrill your littlest farmer? Maybe you want another way to play and enjoy farm-themed fun together. If you’d like some farm-filled entertainment, check out these games and puzzles.

Count Your Chickens Cooperative board game for young kids by Peaceable Kingdom

Count Your Chickens Game: This cooperative game helps kids learn to count. Players take turns moving along the path, collecting chicks along the way. Return all the chicks to the mother hen waiting at the end of track. But watch out for the fox! When the spinner lands on this mischievous hunter, kids return one chick to the board. With easy to follow instructions and minimal setup, kids can enjoy learning to count and taking turns.

Toca Farm screen shots from iPhone Apple store

Toca Life Farm App: If you need an electronic app to entertain your agriculturist, look no further than Toca. Their farm app allows little ones to grow and harvest their own crops, as well as take it to market. Little farmers can also take care of a variety of farm animals, and combine their products to make new and tasty creations.

Scramble Squares Puzzles: For the ultimate challenge, try one of these scramble square puzzles. With only nine square pieces, it sounds easy, but can challenge adults as well. Match the pictures along each edge to assemble a three by three square where all the photos line up. Kids can enjoy the sturdy pieces while grown ups can rise to the challenge with their kids.

Chicky Boom balancing game box from blue orange

ChickyBoom Game: Get kids started with balancing in this delightful game of skill made just for little ones. Place all the pieces on the yellow board and lift it into place on the red balancing podium. Players take turns removing one piece without crashing the entire setup. Once it crashes, kids count their pieces or add the numbers on each piece to determine a winner.

Mudpuppy color in 24 piece puzzle Superhero version shown in box with five crayons included

Color In Puzzle: These 24 piece puzzles by Mudpuppy come in a variety of themes, including farm. Kids get to use the five crayons included (or any of their own) to fill in the lines on one side of the puzzle. The reverse side comes fully colored with the same illustration. And everything packs up into the sliding box to keep it safe between coloring and puzzling sessions.

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