Sloth Fans Gift Guide

Sloth lined notebook cover with sloth on branch and Soon...ish saying

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Life in the Sloth Lane

Sloth fans gift guided weighted sequin pet blue sloth magnetic dress up jungle explorer with sloth magnet, sloth plant hanging pot cover sloth notebook LEGO Friends play cube jungle theme
  • What: Gifts for Sloth Fans
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, practical
  • Where: Amazon and beyond

Do you know someone who enjoys a slower pace of life? Maybe they take their inspiration from the adorable sloth. If you’d like to surprise the sloth fan in your inner circle, use these ideas that sure to please any sloth enthusiast.

Sloth Print Throw Blanket on Amazon

Sloth Blanket: You can get an adorable sloth print on a fuzzy throw blanket. Kids and adults alike will enjoy snuggling under the fuzzy blanket, while the sloth print will brighten up any decor, from the sofa to the bedroom. 

Kerplunk Sloths version kids game sticks and tiny sloths that fall through tree

Kerplunk Game: Let kids enjoy loads of sloth fun with this simple game. Insert the sticks at random through the holes in the tree trunk, then drop in the plastic sloths. Players take turns removing one stick and collecting all the sloths that drop out the bottom. The player with the most sloths once all the sticks have been removed wins.

LEGO friends Play Cube with tiny LEGO sloth hanging from branch

LEGO Play Cube: You can get LEGO play cubes that come with tiny sloths as pets. One particular box features a jungle theme, complete with tiny hanging sloth in one of four colors. True sloth fans can try and collect all four colors of sloths, and enjoy building a tiny sloth habitat for their new friends.

Speedy weighted sequin pet blue sloth in box

Weighted Sequin Pets: These stuffed animals come with a back covered in reversible sequins. This hefty sloth features a bean bag bottom that makes him stand upright. Kids can use the included stickers to decorate their sloth pet however they like for extra personality.

Sloth Zipper Bag on Amazon

Sloth Pencil Pouch: Keep track of all their art supplies with an adorable sloth zippered pouch. Kids can use it for pencils, pens, markers, crayons, and more. Adults can store anything from electronic cords to makeup, hair supplies, and much more, all tucked safely inside a cute sloth design. 

Sloth lined notebook cover with sloth on branch and Soon...ish saying

Sloth Notebook: Need a notebook handy for jotting down recipes, websites, shopping lists, or more? You can’t go wrong with a sloth themed cover. Keep track of all those loose thoughts and hanging threads in a bound notebook. Choose from lined or unlined paper to best suit their needs. 

Crochet Sloth Hanging Planter Holder on Amazon

Sloth Plant Hanger: Even potted plants can enjoy the sloth lifestyle, thanks to this plant hanger. Tiny plant pots slide inside the crocheted sloth cover, which hangs from a hook or nail. The included ropes mean you can adjust the planter to the desired height, bringing a little sloth style even to houseplants.

Petit Collage magnetic dress up Nature Studies tin doll wearing magnet clothes and accessories

Magnetic Dress Up: This magnetic dress up kit comes complete with a pet sloth. Use the many different pieces to dress the jungle explorer, and then complete the scene with the adorable sloth. The metallic tin doubles as storage and sets the scene for plenty of sloth-inspired play.

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