Best of January 2022

Color Shifters color changing Hot Wheels car with Battleships Shots game in front of Hemnes Daybed from IKEA

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Versatile Fun for the New Year

Color Shifters color changing Hot Wheels car with Battleships Shots game in front of Hemnes Daybed from IKEA
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A new year has arrived, and with it comes a new contender for the month’s most popular list. While you’ll see some continuing favorites topping the list for January, readers have also branched out. This month’s list includes a game, a toy, and a bed that does double duty.

Battleship Shots game close up

Battleship Shots: This twist on the classic moves at a much faster pace, with less strategy. Opponents take turns bouncing or throwing lightweight balls to try and sink ships. Each player can see all the boats on the board, which makes it work well for a variety of ages. A special red ball can be deployed to hit the single ship and win instantly. Go for the big win or sink all the ships to seize the day? Players decide in this battle to the finish.

Hemnes convertible daybed in twin mode in guest room

Hemnes Daybed: Want a versatile piece of furniture that can go the distance? Look no further than this daybed from IKEA. During the day, it serves as both seating and storage, thanks to the three drawers built into the frame. Need more space for guests or sleeping? Pull out the large trundle and unstack the twin mattresses for a king-sized bed. No matter where you choose to use this, from a kids’ room to a playroom to a guest room, you’ll get lots of miles out of all the options.

Hot Wheels Color Shifters green and yellow Beach Patrol car toy

Color Changing Hot Wheels: Hot Wheels get a new look thanks to changing temperatures. With these special cars, kids control their toys’ appearance. Dunk them in cold water to change color, and heat them up to change back. Kids can change all or only part of the vehicle to get the look they like most. Best of all, they can do it over and over again as their preferences change.Playing, Sleeping: furniture for kids, Hot Wheels, vehicle toys for kids, games for kids, gifts for kids, toddlers, preschoolers, school aged kids.

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