Classic Toys for Kids

Kids looking in a View-Master virtual reality viewer

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Old School Fun for the AgesKids looking in a View-Master virtual reality viewer

  • What: Classic Toys for Kids
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: No batteries, no screens, just fun
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a toy that won’t go out of style when the next new fad comes along? Want something your child can enjoy for months to come, or even hand down to relatives or friends? If you like the stick to the classics, or want to branch out from the plastic battery-operated toys that lose their appeal faster than your bananas turn brown, check out these toys.

Slinky toy on Amazon

Slinky: This simple metal toy packs a big punch. Kids can enjoy manipulating it, or try the classic stair walk by sending it down a flight of steps. They can roll it, stretch it, and experiment to discover all sorts of sounds and actions. The original metal toy works best and holds up to all sorts of play for a variety of ages.

Battleship built from Lincoln Logs with gun turrets and more

Lincoln Logs: These building toys have been around longer than most parents. With their interlocking pieces, kids can build to their hearts’ content. From basic house structures to whatever their imagination can conjure, the only limit is the number of logs in your child’s building supply.

Etch A Sketch Pocket drawing size toy with child's drawing of a sloth hanging from tree branch

Etch A Sketch: Let their creativity loose while encouraging patience and a steady hand, thanks to the magnetic filings trapped inside this drawing toy. Kids can use the two knobs to make one continuous line go up, down, right, or left. This toy works just as well for beginners as kids with advanced skills, and they can come back to it time and time again. A simple shake will erase the board and create a blank slate for the next masterpiece.

Tinkertoy building set on Amazon

Tinkertoys: These colorful pieces still offer kids limitless possibilities. Assemble the sticks into the round connectors to make all sorts of creations. Use the guide to get started, or let kids come up with their own ideas to craft. Either way, the sturdy pieces in bright colors hold up well to countless hours of play.

Wooly Willy toy bald guy with magnetic shavings and stylus

Wooly Willy: Another magnetic favorite, in this toy kids use a stylus to move the magnetic filings around an image of a bald man. Kids can give him different hairstyles and facial hair, or just enjoy the magic of dragging the shavings around the board. With the attached stylus and metal filings enclosed in a secure plastic surface, this compact toy never loses a piece, and works great at home or on the go.

View-Master VR Deluxe viewer three dimensional

View-Master: Take the classics one step further thanks to ViewMaster. Kids can insert a reel of their choice and peek into the viewfinder to see the scenes come to life in the original toy. Or for even more action, get the new version that brings virtual reality to the ViewMaster thanks to the addition of a smartphone. Simply download the content and insert your own phone into the special viewer to let your kids discover the joys of looking at another world in three dimensions.

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