Best of March 2022

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Cars, Games, and Beds Oh My!

IKEA Hemnes Daybed, twin mattresses stacked on top, Battleship Shots game set up on carpet
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  • When: March 2022
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Though the winds of March have long since gone, the best of March remains. Readers clearly found some old favorites in this month’s most popular posts. From functional furniture to family games and car safety, this month had a little something for everyone.

Hemnes convertible daybed in twin mode in guest room

Hemnes Daybed: This daybed does triple duty. Not only does it make a great bed and sitting spot, but it also offers built-in storage. No matter how many kids you have, and how much or how little space, this versatile piece of furniture can fill a variety of needs. Want a mattress to put on your daybed? Try this affordable twin mattress.

Battleship Shots game orange balls

Battleship Shots Game: Put a spin on the classic battleship strategy thanks to this fast-paced ball game. Unlike the regular game, players can see their opponent’s ships. They throw lightweight balls over the divider to try and land in each ship. Fill a boat with shots to sink it. The first player to sink all their opponent’s ships wins. Since it requires no reading or even much strategy, it works great for a wide variety of ages, and can even be played in teams.

Diono Radian 3RXT 3-in-1 convertible car seat in blue

Diono Radian 3RXT: Although we’ve finally outgrown (at over seven years old!) our last Diono Radian 3RXT, I still remember it fondly. This seat can go from birth to a highback belt-positioning booster, all in one. Even better, the narrow frame can fit three across a backseat. If you want one car seat for the majority of your child’s needs, this super safe option fits the bill.

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