This Is Our Favorite Ball for Kids

Spizzy blue ball inside drawer filled with other balls

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One Ball to Rule Them All

  • What: Spizzy Balls
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Durable, affordable, versatile
  • Where: Amazon

We’ve had so many balls in our lifetime! I can remember them all. From our start with the indispensable OBall to our beloved Gertie Ball and the Light Up Sports Ball, these versatile toys have filled drawers and bins and outdoor storage benches for years. But last year we added a new ball to our varied collection, and let me tell you. If you only get one ball for your child, this Spizzy Ball tops the list.

Waboba Spizzy Balls in red, blue, and yellow
Spizzy balls come in three different color choices.

This small ball comes in multiple colors. Each one has a fun textured pattern that not only gives it extra visual appeal, but also makes it easy to grip in almost any conditions. The small size means it works indoors or out. The color doesn’t fade even when left out in the sun or rain, and it has just the right amount of bounce. The tennis ball size means you don’t have to worry about little ones choking on it.

Child holding yellow Waboba Spizzy Ball under chin
These balls have been everywhere with us and are still going strong.

We’ve taken our balls to the park, the tennis court, out in the rain, and more. They fit easily into bags, so I can pack three balls with no problem, one for each kid. Inside, they’ve been great on hardwood floors, rugs, and carpets. Nothing has ever gotten broken by one of these balls, nor has the ball suffered any damage. It hasn’t popped on a rosebush thorn or deflated when stepped on. It has never needed to be refilled with air, it has never gotten soggy, and it has never grown anything questionable inside or out. Yet it still maintains its solid bounce. 

If my kids want a ball, they unerringly grab one of these first. You should, too. Get yours now.

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