Wooden Train Toys That Won’t Break the Bank

Toddler laying down to play with IKEA wooden train set

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Get More Track for Your Buck

Toddler laying down to play with IKEA wooden train set
  • What: Wooden Train Toys That Won’t Break the Bank
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Affordable, durable, fun
  • Where: At home

Got a kid who can’t get enough of their wooden train setups? Want to help them develop their burgeoning city plans with more components? These classic toys come from a variety of brands and price points, so you can be sure to get the right toy for your tot.

IKEA Lillabo wooden train starter set with black engine pulling three cars over a hill in a figure eight set up of wooden tracks

IKEA Wooden Trains: These affordable beginner sets will hold up to hours of play without costing a lot. Choose from a basic figure eight complete with trains, or expand your engines, tracks and more, all on a budget.

Red engine from target wooden trains peeking out of Orbrium tunnel with tree painted on side and gray roof

Orbrium: Another affordable option, Orbrium offers train track expansions piecemeal as well. Kids can add a tunnel, elevated tracks, stations, and more to their collections. The sturdy wooden construction works with all other wooden sets, including Brio and Thomas, so kids can expand their layouts without spending all their money on one item.

wooden trains purchased at Target made by Circo and All Aboard

Target Trains: These trains come in a wide variety of colors and types. Minimal packaging helps keep the costs down, so kids can populate their roundhouse with the train and cars of their choosing. And it means kids can start playing right away, without any time spent unboxing or wrestling with plastic bits. Best of all, these cars will last as long as some of the higher-priced options.

Brio wooden train collapsing bridge with freight engine and two box cars crossing upper level

Collapsing Train Bridge: Get some interactive fun on the tracks with this collapsing piece. Whether your kids anticipate construction work derailing their favorite engines, or they want to crash their cars, this bridge won’t disappoint. A simple touch of the button will bring the rails crashing down. The piece also works well for complex layouts, since it features both an upper bridge and a lower connection. Trains should proceed with caution on either track, since you never know when the engineer might collapse the tracks.

Brio Cargo Transport Helicopter: Bring your trains into the air thanks to this big cargo copter. It holds up to two small train cars inside, and can fly them anywhere the tracks don’t go. It makes an excellent gift for train enthusiasts, and ensures their play can go even further afield. Load and unload the cargo area, and make sure the pilot has everything under control with the opening cockpit.

Brio double suspension bridge red wooden train track piece

Suspension Bridge: These suspension bridges can cover lots of elevated ground, making them an excellent choice to expand layouts. Use two together to cross an entire train table length above all the other connections. Or split them up for even more options to get the trains where they need to go. Kids will love the bright colors and parents can rest assured these sturdy pieces will go the distance.

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