Corral the Bricks With These Storage Solutions

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Contain the Building Supplies

  • What: LEGO Brick Storage
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Easy, organized, versatile
  • Where: Your home

Tired of stepping on LEGO building bricks? Do you also feel like these building toys get everywhere, from the couch cushions to dish drawers? If you want help corralling all the different colors, types, and more, check out these different solutions. Each one can help house a growing collection of tiny pieces.

LEGO IKEA Bygglek storage boxes stacked in three different sizes

IKEA Bygglek: These white IKEA storage boxes come in multiple sizes. Each one offers space inside to hold building bricks. On the top, find a studded plate where kids can build. Divots along the sides mean kids can add a LEGO figure or other block to distinguish the contents or tell each other’s boxes from one another.

Rainbow Drawers: Our favorite solution by far, rainbow drawers work wonders in corralling giant collections of LEGO. You can get a stack in bright colors, or create your own. Either way, even tiny kids can match the brick color to the drawer color, making it easy to put bricks away. Invest in taller drawers for more extensive collections, or stick with office paper-sized options for moderate amounts of building bricks. Kids can remove the entire drawer to search for pieces or build elsewhere in the house. Once they finish, drawers slid back into place to leave fewer bricks on the floor.

LEGO wheels storage in clear plastic stacking bins

Clear Stacking Containers: These stacking storage bins work great for holding bricks. The shallow depth makes it easy to see all the pieces contained within the bin. You can buy as many as you need to hold all your bricks. Since these containers come in lots of different widths, depths, and heights, you can choose a customizable solution that will fit almost any space. Stack them on bookshelves, cubbies, or even on the floor.

Swoop Bags: These drawstring bags come in bright colors and multiple sizes. Select the one that fits your collection best, then dump the pieces inside. When kids get ready to play, they can open the bag and spread it out like a blanket. Clean up takes about five seconds as you gather the edges. Heads up, though. This soft-sided solution does not work well for creations, as they don’t stay protected. But the bag can be hung in a closet or from a hook so it doesn’t take up extra storage space, making it great for small amounts of building bricks.

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