Games for School Aged Kids

Aqualin Munchkin Battleship Shots Run Yourself Ragged Labyrinth board games for school aged kids in a stack

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Marble Mayhem and Matching FunAqualin Munchkin Battleship Shots

  • What: Games for School Aged Kids
  • When: 5 to 12 years
  • Why: Fun, entertaining, diverse
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to go beyond the classics in your board game selection? Need a new non-electronic game that will capture your kids’ attention? Check out these board games suitable for school aged kids, and let your kids hone their strategy and other skills.

Aqualin: In this matching game, players use the same tiles to try and connect either creatures or colors. Each player gets to move and place one tile on each turn. Once the board fills up, count points to determine a winner. Easy to play but hard to master, this game has a simple premise kids will love but need to play over and over again to devise a winning strategy.

Munchkin board game in box

Munchkin: Three to six players move along the track in this game filled with fantasy creatures. The first one to reach the end of the board wins. But take care! Monsters abound, and to move up a level, you must defeat them. Collect cards to help your cause and advance. Players can choose to help or hinder other players, so watch out for your fellow adventurers, too.

Battleship Shots game orange balls

Battleship Shots: Take your best shot in this fast-paced game based on the classic. Two players take turns aiming their ping pong balls at the other side of the board, where they can see their opponent’s ships. Sink your opponent’s boats to win the game. Earn the red ball and hit the small yellow boat in a single shot to win on the spot. 

Labyrinth board game in box

Labyrinth: Collect treasures in this moving maze to win the game. Kids and grownups can both enjoy racing through the maze to find the treasures pictured on their cards. The extra tile can be inserted along any edge to change the path, either to open up a new way or block another player’s route. Gather all your treasure and get back to your starting position to win the game.

Run Yourself Ragged marble challenge obstacle course game in box

Run Yourself Ragged: Updated under the name Screwball Scramble, this game pits players against the clock as they race their marble through a maze of obstacles. Players must use the dials and levers at the bottom of the board to safely navigate the course. If the marble rolls off, players return to the beginning and try again. Kids can play alone or compete for the fastest time in this raucous game of luck and skill.

Avalanche parker brothers marble swinging gate game vintage

Avalanche: Players take turns dropping marbles into the course. Any marbles that reach the bottom become the property of that player. Fill your card with nine marbles in the correct colors to win. But beware. Gates on the course switch to block or allow marbles to pass. 

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