Best of April 2022

IKEA Hemnes Daybed, twin mattresses stacked on top, Battleship Shots game set up on carpet

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Beds, Battles, and Books

IKEA Hemnes Daybed, twin mattresses stacked on top, Battleship Shots game set up on carpet
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April may bring showers and even stranger weather this year, but here at Practically Apparent parents love some popular posts. You’ll recognize some favorites from previous months as well as a few new additions to the most popular list. 

Hemnes convertible trundle daybed from IKEA

Hemnes Daybed: Want furniture that goes further than childhood? This trundle bed from IKEA serves multiple purposes. It can go from a twin sized bed to a king-sized one with remarkable ease. Like most daybeds, it can also double as a sofa. To top it all off, it offers three built in storage drawers, accessible no matter what mode the bed takes. 

Battleship Shots game set up with balls and board

Battleship Shots: Take aim at your opponent in this fast-paced spin on the familiar classic game. Each player throws ping pong type balls at their opponent’s ships to try and sink them. The first player to sink all the opposing ships wins. Players can throw, bounce, or toss the balls to try and score a shot, making it a great game for lots of different ages.

Zinus Twin Spring Mattress White on Amazon

Twin Mattresses: If you need a solid yet affordable mattress that will last for years to come, try these hybrid mattresses. They work great for kids and guests alike, and can stand up to everyday use with no problem. We’ve had lots of different people test ours out with minimal complaints, even with a wide variety of preferences in mattress types. It pairs almost perfectly with the Hemnes Daybed above.

The Bad Guys Books by Aaraon Blabey Intergalactic Gas and Attack of the Zittens

The Bad Guys Books: This set of graphic novels didn’t quite make it to the top three for the month, but gets an honorable mention. A wolf, shark, a piranha, and a snake team up to change society’s opinion of their species and redeem themselves in each installment. With 14 books to choose from so far, kids will love their quest to become heroes.

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