Best of May 2022

Color Shifters color changing Hot Wheels car with Battleships Shots game in front of Hemnes Daybed from IKEA

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Games, Bedding, and LEGO Storage

Color Shifters color changing Hot Wheels car with Battleships Shots game in front of Hemnes Daybed from IKEA
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May brought spring flowers in places, but here at Practically Apparent readers’ minds turned towards multi-functional furniture, fun games, and an irresistible storage solution for those multiplying LEGO bricks.

Hemnes convertible daybed in twin mode in guest room

Hemnes Daybed: This versatile piece of furniture continues to make the most popular list. Use it as a daybed for extra seating in playrooms, home offices, living rooms, guest rooms and more. By night, it transforms into a bed. Use the twin sized bed as is, or pull out the trundle drawer to double the sleeping space and transform it into king-sized sleeping quarters. It also comes with three built-in storage drawers accessible no matter how big the bed gets, making this IKEA bed a true all-star.

Battleship Shots game set up with balls and board

Battleship Shots: A new spin on an old classic puts lightweight balls to battle. Take aim at your opponent’s ships, as seen through the transparent screen separating sides. Players take turns tossing, throwing, or bouncing their ball at their opponent’s ships. The first player to sink the opposing fleet wins. Or get lucky and use the red ball to sink their yellow life raft and win instantly. The fast paced game works for a variety of ages, since it requires no literacy skills and lots of luck.

Zinus Twin Spring Mattress White on Amazon

Twin Mattress: If you want a great night’s sleep on the Hemnes Daybed or any other bed in the house, these affordable hybrid mattresses satisfy a wide range of sleepers. They work great to stack on the Hemnes daybed, or can be used individually and still get a comfortable night’s sleep. Whether you use them yourself, in a child’s room, or a guest room, everyone can sleep well without breaking the bank.

IKEA Bygglek LEGO storage box

IKEA LEGO Boxes: At only a few views behind the third slot, we thought these affordable storage boxes deserved an honorable mention in this month’s list. You can get these white Bygglek LEGO storage boxes in three different sizes from IKEA. Each one includes a lid that doubles as a LEGO brick plate. A small indentation along the sides allows kids to pose a figurine or otherwise distinguish each box with their own brick labeling system. The boxes stack easily on top of each other for storage and more play options.

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