Outdoor Art Projects for Kids

Wind chimes made by nine year old from craft kit

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Sunshine, Plants, and Musical Decor

Rock painted from kit inside paint and plant

  • What: Outdoor Art Projects for Kids
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, functional, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to soak up the last few days of summer with your kids? Maybe you want to take advantage of the cooler weather before temperatures dip into the uncomfortable range. If you want a fun art project for your kids to enjoy before days get colder and shorter, look no further than these crafts.

Wind chimes made by nine year old from craft kit

Wind Chimes: This simple kit makes one set of whimsical wind chimes. Kids can complete the project on their own, thanks to the box that comes with everything they need to get started. The end result makes a great outdoor decoration for any size space. Or please any gift recipient with these musical chimes complete with your child’s unique touch.

Paint and Plant: Who says kids need to wait for spring for planting fun? Get a jump on the growing season with this fun project. Kids can decorate the included small metal tub and the plant identification spikes. Once they have a planter they love, enjoy growing flowers or herbs with the included seed packets. This starter kit works great even in the offseason for kids who want to explore their green thumb.

Make Your Own Suncatchers Window Art flowers in flower pot hanging on door window to patio

Suncatcher Window Art: Capture the sunshine all year round thanks to these hand-painted suncatchers. Each kit comes with twelve different clear shapes kids can decorate any way they like. Once they finish, add the included suction cups with hooks to display the finished product on any window and enjoy the colors all year long. This kit has plenty of suncatchers, so kids can keep some and give some for almost any occasion.

Child holding painted rock made from rock painting kit in hands

Rock Painting Kit: This rock painting kit lets kids turn basic rocks into works of art. With twelve paint colors, two brushes, googly eyes, sticky gems, and even glue, kids can make many different combinations. The smooth rocks offer a great surface for decorating, and any leftover supplies can be used for other rocks they find. Once the decorations dry, use the rocks to add pizazz to planters, stoops, windowsills, and almost any place rocks will fit.

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