Yogurt Yumminess

Yogurt cone treats ice cream waffle cone filled with vanilla yogurt, raspberries, and blueberries

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Delicious in All Its Forms

Yogurt cone treats ice cream waffle cone filled with vanilla yogurt, raspberries, and blueberries

  • What: Yogurt Yumminess
  • When: Seven months to college
  • Why: Tasty, nutritious, versatile
  • Where: At home

Is your fridge full of yogurt? Does your family go through yogurt in bulk? Perhaps you want the taste and nutritional benefits of yogurt without all the packaging or refrigeration. Whether you want to get more varieties of yogurt in your child, or just need some ideas on new treats with this delicious staple, check out these posts.

Nancy's lowfat yogurt in 64 ounce bucket containers

Nancy’s Yogurt: It all starts with quality yogurt. If you want the best unflavored yogurt available in both regular and non-fat versions, look no further than Nancy’s. Even better, you can buy this yogurt in individual sized containers or go big for more yogurt with less packaging. The plain and vanilla flavors can both be mixed with fruit for easy and delicious varieties, without taking up tons of fridge real estate. Even infants as young as seven months can enjoy the smooth texture and rich flavor, and adding a frozen cube of pureed food will give tons of variety, too. 

Child holding yogurt cone treat with vanilla yogurt raspberries and frozen blueberries in waffle cone

Yogurt Cone Treats: You don’t even need a cone to make these delicious snacks and desserts. Simply layer your favorite yogurt with berries into a cone, clear cup, or glass. The more layers you add, the better it looks and tastes. Let kids pick from a variety of fruits, or go for the full rainbow effect. Want even more options? Add dessert toppings like chocolate chips, sprinkles, or gummies for a fun treat that packs a lot of punch.

Dannon Danimals Lowfat Yogurt Smoothie Drink for kids bottle on Amazon in swingin strawberry banana

Lunch Box Yogurt: Need yogurt on the go? Or maybe your kid can’t be bothered to pick up a spoon. Either way, these small yogurt drinks fit the bill. They slip easily into most lunch boxes, and kids can open them without extra assistance. They get fun fruit flavors and some brands even come with a screw top lid, so kids can have some now and finish later. Find their favorite and stock up with this easy drinkable food.

GoGurt Yoplait kid yogurt tube with Elsa packaging tucked into lunch box as cold pack

Yogurt Cold Packs: Speaking of lunches, want to keep the yogurt drinks, sandwiches, fruit, or other lunch box contents cold on the go? Grab a box of GoGurt and freeze the tubes overnight. Then add one to your child’s lunch. It will keep the contents cold and unfreeze by lunch time, letting kids feast on this frozen delight. Once empty, the package compacts down to nothing, or can easily be tossed in the nearest trash can.

SunMain yogurt covered raisins in chocolate and vanilla snack pack size

Yogurt Raisins: Want more yogurt without worrying about the cold? Yogurt raisins come in a variety of package sizes, from individual boxes to larger bags. Choose the flavor your family loves and tuck them into bags for lunches, snacks, or anytime your child wants a tasty treat. You can also find yogurt pretzels or combine either into a tasty snack mix for even more options.

Kids using empty yogurt cups as building blocks toys

Yogurt Cup Overload: Does your household also go through multiple yogurts a day? If you don’t want to consign all those containers to the garbage or recycle them, check out all these ways to put the packaging to good use. It starts with choosing the right yogurt, as some brands make cups easier to stack and repurpose. Then after rinsing and letting them air dry, they make perfect supplies for art projects, scoops for snacks to keep grubby little hands out of the bag or bowl, or even sandbox toys. The possibilities are endless. You can even eat the yogurt then reuse the cup on the spot with a little help from a water bottle or fountain.

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