Top Picks from the MindWare Holiday Catalog 2022

MindWare brainy toys for kids holiday catalog 2022

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Great Gifts for Kids of Many Ages

MindWare brainy toys for kids holiday catalog 2022
  • What: Top Picks from the MindWare Catalog
  • When: December 2022
  • Why: Gift giving made easy
  • Where: MindWare

My kids have spent hours pouring over the pages of the 2022 Holiday Catalog from MindWare. Although they range in age from 8 to 12, each one of our three kids can’t get enough of the possibilities contained inside. Some of the toys that stand out for all three kids include the following, sure to please kids of a variety of ages and genders everywhere.

Dig it Up! page spread excavation toys for kids MindWare Hoi

Dig It Up!: These small toys work much like excavation kits, only with more themes to choose from. Kids love tapping away to reveal the prize hidden underneath the plaster, which comes in various shapes, from barns to eggs and more. Parents love that these small toys won’t take up much space, and will keep kids occupied much longer than it takes to unwrap at the holidays. One word to the wise, though – we recommend a mat or cardboard box lid underneath these projects to help contain the mess and make cleanup a breeze.

Crystal animal Sparkle Formations kits for kids MindWare Holiday Catalog 2022

Crystal Animals: Kids love to watch crystals grow, and these adorable animals prove no exception. Choose from a variety of animals and colors and let kids take care of the rest. This project will take several days to reach completion, and kids can work out the science concepts behind the budding crystals in the meantime.

Magna-Tiles Safari and Arctic Animals 25 piece set magnetic toys for kids MindWare Holiday Catalog

Magna-Tile Animals: Whether your child already owns a massive collection of Magna-Tiles or just wants to start exploring, these animal-themed sets work wonders. Each one includes multiple animals from the farm, jungle, safari, and more. Moving parts help bring the animals to life, while printed tiles add visual interest to any magnetic creation.

Paint Your Own kits for kids MindWare Holiday Catalog for

Paint Your Own: Kids can put their own touch on any one of these painting projects. All the kits include everything kids need to get started. From rainbows to turtles, kids can make one of these unique creations or complete several for even more decorations. These kits also make great gifts for grandparents and extended family as well.

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