More of the Best Interactive Books

Usborne Lift and Look board book construction site Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See slide and find board book and Poke-a-dot alphabet board book

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Board Books With a BonusUsborne Lift and Look board book construction site Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See slide and find board book and Poke-a-dot

  • What: More Interactive Board Books
  • When: 6 months to 3 years
  • Why: Entertaining, hands on, fun
  • Where: Amazon

Still want more options to keep younger kids interested in books? If your child struggles to stay still and quiet while reading to them, get one of these interactive board books to keep little hands busy.

Usborne noisy touchy feely books This is my monster This is My Car with noise button

Noisy Touchy Feely Books: Usborne takes their touch and feel board books one step further by adding noise to the mix. Push the button to activate the sound, which enhances the textures on each page. Built into the text, these sounds add another dimension of sensory exploration to reading together.

Poke-a-dot Alphabet Eye Spy I Spy board book with popping dots buttons

Poke-A-Dot Alphabet Book: For even more fun, don’t forget to explore Poke-A-Dot books. The round plastic buttons on each page snap back after being pressed, and make a distinct sound when they do so. Kids will love pushing each one over and over again in this thick board book made for little hands to touch.

Slide and find trucks board book Roger Priddy bright baby books

Slide and Find Book: Little kids can master the art of swiping with these low tech slide and find books. Scoot the flaps aside to reveal matches and the answers to questions in these brightly colored board books.

Usborne Lift and Look flap board books Cars Construction Sites and Planes in fanned stacked on hardwood floor

Lift and Look Books: Another favorite from Usborne, in these books kids lift the flap to search for an item on each page. Each page spread includes multiple flaps to explore, with more images under each one. With large pages and sturdy materials, kids can read these books time and time again.

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