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Tonka Tinys construction play set Rush Hour Jr logic puzzle game Nerf Nitro foam car launcher Driven Pocket Series trucks connecting road pieces

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Drive All the Way to FunTonka Tinys Construction play set Rush Hour Jr logic puzzle game Nerf Nitro foam car launcher Driven Pocket Series

  • What: Vehicle Toys
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, durable
  • Where: Amazon

Do you know a child who can’t get enough of vehicles? Do they dream of big wheels, fast speed, and a variety of jobs waiting to get done? If your little one loves vehicles, get them the perfect addition to their favorite fleet with these toys.

Driven pocket series dump truck blue yellow on interconnecting gray road pieces set up

Driven Pocket Series: These microscopic vehicle toys bring massive amounts of fun. With their low price point and random contents, kids can get as many as they can handle. Whether it’s one or one hundred, these tiny cars take up hardly any space, but connect for hours of fun. You can even buy entire playsets to extend the hours of driving.

Nerf Chaos Fury foam car blaster and launcher

Nerf Nitro Car Launcher: Lightweight cars move with super speed thanks to this launcher. While it only works with the Nerf brand foam cars, the cars come in affordable packs. Kids will enjoy racing, busting through barriers, and all sorts of hot rod tricks with the acceleration provided by this trigger loaded launcher.

Tonka Tinys Playset: Tonka has their own line of tiny vehicles ready for big action. These little trucks work with the Driven series, and the action play set provides a big scene for all the trucks to enjoy. Even better, the play set doubles as both storage and a carrying case to help keep track of all those vehicles. 

Rush Hour Jr Logic puzzle game for kids from Think Fun

Rush Hour Jr Game: Let kids discover the joys of traffic with this vehicle-themed logic puzzle game. Move the brightly colored molded pieces around the grid to free the ice cream truck for deliveries. With forty challenges ranging from easy to very hard, even the littlest drivers can enjoy playing.

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