Food for Travel

Sliced apple with one slice sticking out

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Keep Kids Fed on the GoSliced apple with one slice sticking out

  • What: Food for Travel
  • When: Infants to high school
  • Why: Packable, sturdy, tasty
  • Where: Amazon or your local store

Heading to the park, library, or museum with your kids? Maybe you’re going further afield, on a road trip or taking a flight. If you have kids and want to keep them fed and happy away from home, grab some of these easy, healthy, and portable snack options. 

GoGo Big Squeez pear fruit pouch next to GoGo Squeez applesauce pouch 3.2 oz

Pouches: These convenient pouches work long beyond the infant years. With companies making bigger pouches marketed specifically for older kids, you can choose the size that works for you. Most feature fruit and some even sneak in a few veggies for good measure. You can easily reseal them if your child doesn’t finish it in one go, and they take up hardly any space once empty.

Toddler hand removing piece from sliced apple

Apple Slices: Apples make great travel companions, thanks to their lack of juice and sturdier flesh. Unlike bananas, they don’t get squished in bags, and can be found at almost any store or stand selling food. Use this nifty slicing trick to keep apples fresh and contained, and give your kid another dose of their daily fruit and vegetables (something often in short supply during travel).

Variety of Stretch Island fruit leather flavors fanned out on white counter

Fruit Leather: These dried fruit strips come in six different flavors, so you can be sure to find one your kids will love. Buy them individually or get a big box and stash them in backpacks, diaper bags, jacket pockets, or just about anywhere. They take up minimal space and last indefinitely, with no concerns about spills or spoiling.

Clif Z Bars for kids in various flavors iced oatmeal cookie, chocolate chip, iced lemon cookie, chocolate brownie

Z Bars: These nutrition bars from the makers of Clif Bars appeal to kids with flavors like chocolate chip, lemon bar, and s’mores. They come packed with protein to keep kids full longer between meals. And they tuck easily into bags for quick access anywhere your kids go.

SunMain yogurt covered raisins in chocolate and vanilla snack pack size

Yogurt Covered Raisins: These tasty treats will keep kids coming back for more. Choose from three different flavors – vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate – to find one your child loves. Then you can hand them out as a reward, snack, or anytime you want to give your kids a delicious alternative to sugary candy.

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