Stocking Stuffers Sure to Please Kids Ages 5 and Up

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Small Surprises with Big Delights

  • What: Stocking Stuffers Sure to Please Kids
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Small, entertaining, enduring
  • Where: At home during the holidays

Looking for some tiny gifts that pack a big punch? Want to fill their stockings with something besides candy and pencils this holiday season? Perhaps you’d like to hide a big surprise inside the fluffy confines of an oversized sock. If you want gifts for kids guaranteed to put a smile on their face long after the stockings come down, look no further than this list.

Mobius Sphere puzzle ball fidget toy on shelf at Target

Mobius Sphere Puzzle: Kids cannot resist this simple puzzle ball. Mix up the movable colored balls inside the sphere, then let kids loose to see how long it takes them to put things right. Each colored ball matches a ring of the same color. A foamy inside makes pushing the balls around satisfying in its own right, but kids also love to mix it up themselves and figure out how to get the balls back to the correct spot.

SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 player for kids green

MP3 Players: If you want a tiny gift that will keep on giving, look no further than these SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 Players. Small enough to take anywhere, these tiny gadgets come in bright colors sure to please kids. Each device can be loaded with music and audiobooks to keep kids entertained long after the holiday festivities end. Pair one with a brightly colored set of earbuds or folding headphones for an even better gift giving experience.

Waboba Spizzy Balls in red, blue, and yellow

Spizzy Ball: This robust ball can do it all. See why we can’t stop raving about this tennis ball sized bouncing ball. It can handle anything your kids throw at it, and still look good doing it. From inside to the great outdoors, this ball goes the distance to keep kids entertained.

Super Z Outlet Liquid Motion Bubbler sensory toy colored bubbles suspended in clear liquid

Liquid Motion Bubbler: These mesmerizing toys will delight almost any age. Watch the colored liquid drip, run, and bubble to the bottom of the clear container. Once it all puddles at the bottom, flip it over and start the process again for almost endless fun. These affordable toys come in a variety of colors and make zero noise yet still capture kids’ attention.

Ty Teeny Puffies Sheldon the octopus

Ty Teenie Puffies: These little balls of fur will work their way into your child’s heart. Look for one with the same birthday as your child, or in their favorite color or animal. No matter which one you choose, their soft fur and big eyes (as well as their low price point) are sure to please.

Pop It! fidget toy in box

Pop It! Fidget Toy: Kids love popping this rubbery toy over and over again. Much like the Poke-a-dot Alphabet Book, these toys can be popped from either side endless times. Even if kids already have one or more, they will love adding to their collection. You can get them in keychain sizes as well as larger shapes. They also come in a variety of colors, including ones that change color in sunlight. 

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