Bigger Budget Kid Gifts

bigger budget kid gifts Playmobil set, crayon melting machine, ukulele, junior metal detector, JetKids BedBox, Magna-Tiles, LEGO Burger Truck, LEGO Star Wars, Tegu magnetic wooden blocks

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Splurge on the $50 and Up Items

bigger budget kid gifts Playmobil set, crayon melting machine, ukulele, junior metal detector, JetKids BedBox, Magna-Tiles, LEGO Burger Truck, LEGO Star Wars, Tegu magnetic wooden blocks

  • What: Bigger Budget Kid Gifts
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Celebrate in style
  • Where: Amazon and beyond

Want a big ticket item for your child this holiday season? Perhaps you’ve received a holiday bonus, and who better to benefit from it than a child? If you want to spend more on something that they will get  plenty of joy and use out of, check out this list of items just for the lucky kid.

Everjoys Ukulele kit for beginners kids

Ukulele: This ukulele is made for kids, with a slightly smaller frame for little hands to hold. It makes a great sturdy first instrument that’s easy to learn to play. It won’t take up tons of room in the house if they decide music lessons aren’t for them. You can get them in multiple different colors to appeal to kids, and even an option with rainbow strings to make remembering the notes for each string easier. It comes complete with everything kids need to get started playing.

National Geographic Professional Rock Tumbler back of box

Rock Tumbler: Take their rock collection one step further thanks to this rock tumbler. It can turn any find into a smooth, glistening stone perfect for adorning windowsills, shelves, potted plants, and more. Kids will enjoy adding the different levels of grit to achieve the perfect shine. The entire process can take weeks to complete, so they will get more than a few hours of play out of it. Kids can also use it over and over again as they find more treasures to transform.

Magna-Tiles creation structure built on coffee table with Lego animals on top

Magnet Tiles: You can never go wrong with a set of magnet tiles. Regardless of the exact brand you choose, you can find a variety of sets to thrill kids. If they already own some, they will love to expand their creations with even more tiles. You can get glow in the dark and ball run options as well, making these toys a solid bet at any price point.

Crayola Melt 'N Mold Factory on hardwood floor

Crayon Melting Machine: Turn old crayon bits into something new and exciting thanks to this melting machine. Kids can load broken pieces or whole crayons into the tray. The locking lid keeps kids safe while the crayons transform. Once melted, tilt the tray using the knob along the side to pour the mixture into the mold of your choice. Then wait for the wax to dry and enjoy these fun shapes and color mixes. You can also get more molds for even more options.

Crayola light up tracing board turned on with paper on top

Light Up Tracing Pad: This light up tracing pad makes drawing a cinch. Thanks to the brightly illuminated surface, kids can see the lines to follow. The pad fits standard sized paper and uses regular pencils, meaning you don’t need to buy any special supplies. It comes with ten tracing sheets and ten blank pages to get them started. Add a fun case to complete the set. 

LEGO IKEA storage boxes with Star Wars pieces

LEGO: The basic building bricks come in such a wide variety of themes it makes it impossible to choose or recommend just one. From favorites like Star Wars and Minecraft, to their City and Friends series, you can find something for just about every interest. The instructions don’t require any reading, which means they work great for a variety of ages and languages. Better yet, once kids complete the project, they can break it down and use the pieces over and over again to build from their own imaginations.

Q-BA-MAZE five cube creation in five different colors

Q-Ba-Maze: These clear plastic cubes connect to make the marble run of their dreams. With several different pieces and tons of accessories to choose from, you won’t have trouble finding a set that will please any recipient. You can choose from several different color themes, and kids will enjoy building based on the included instructions or forging their own path with the easy to connect basic blocks and more.

National Geographic Junior Metal Detector with instructions and learning guide booklet

Junior Metal Detector: Set kids on a path to discovery with this metal detector made just for them. A telescoping handle means it fits a wide height range, and can detect metal up to seven inches deep into dirt and more. You never know what kids might find in their own backyard, which is only part of the magic of this metal detector. It also folds down for easier storage and transportation.

Playmobil horse grooming station toy set up on washcloth

Playmobil: Another classic choice, kids across the globe love to explore with Playmobil sets. They offer a wide variety of themes, from dragons and knights to country or city, with various price points for all of them. Each set comes with tons of tiny detailed accessories sure to delight. Pick one to build their collection, or combine several sets to make an even bigger impact.

Toddler pulling older sibling through airport on JetKids BedBox rolling hardsided suitcase that transforms into bed

BedBox: This hard-sided suitcase makes travel a cinch. Kids can store their favorite toys, blankets, snacks, and more inside the compartment. Then they can sit on top for a fun ride through the terminal or station. The rotating front wheels make it easy to steer, and kids can propel themselves with their feet or get pulled along by a sibling or grownup. Once on board, the box transforms a basic seat into extra lounging space, giving kids enough room to stretch out, nap, or just enjoy more space during travel.

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