Gifts For Kids That Cost $25 to $50

Gifts for Kids that cost $25-50 blanket sleeper, MP3 player, Calico Critters, Groovy Girls doll, Baby Stella doll, Pokemon backpack playset, gumball machine maker, anywhere table tennis, Lottie doll

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Critters, Tools, and Sports Oh My!

Gifts for Kids that cost $25-50 blanket sleeper, MP3 player, Calico Critters, Groovy Girls doll, Baby Stella doll, Pokemon backpack playset, gumball machine maker, anywhere table tennis, Lottie doll
  • What: Gifts for Kids That Cost $25-50
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Entertaining, longevity, good value
  • Where: Amazon and beyond

Want to spend a little more on the child in your life? Maybe you want a nice gift, but not the most expensive, trendy toy on the block, which will lose its appeal once the next big fad hits. If you’d like a gift that keeps on giving long past the holidays, look no further than this list of items in the $25 to $50 dollar range.

Calico Critter otter mom and baby wearing purple hat from Fashion Showcase

Calico Critters: Get a whole family or adopt twins (or even triplets!) of these fuzzy woodland creatures. Choose from a wide variety of tiny animals with posable arms and legs, complete with individual outfits that can be removed. Kids love the tiny details, and you can also get accessories, homes, vehicles, and much more for a great gift theme.

Child wearing Rexbeti kids tool belt 15 piece set orange

Kids’ Tool Set: Get kids started on a lifelong love of building and fixing thanks to this tool set. With real working tools scaled down for smaller hands, kids will love driving nails and turning screws. It includes a tape measure, safety goggles, and an adjustable belt so kids can keep all their tools handy when working on their next project.

SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 Player for kids 3 with black ear buds

MP3 Player for Kids: This tiny music player really packs a punch. In addition to listening to music, kids can also enjoy audiobooks, all without disturbing anyone else around them. It works great for long trips, shared bedrooms, and much more. The ability to add a memory card and expand the storage space means kids won’t run out of room anytime soon. And the small size makes it easy to clip on a waistband or strap, or fit into a pocket to take anywhere.

Champion Sports Anywhere Table Top Tennis ping pong set balls paddles net mesh bag

Anywhere Table Tennis: Set kids up with their very own ping pong table thanks to this compact set. It includes two paddles, ping pong balls, and an extendable net that clips onto almost any table. Ready for a living room battle? Attach it to the coffee table and see who can defend their side of the net. Want even more room? It works great on dining room tables and picnic tables as well. You can even turn a pool table into a ping pong arena. And it all packs away nicely when not in use.

Saint Eve Blanket sleepers for kids unicorn and star pattern with sparkles pajamas fleece onesies

Blanket Sleepers for Big Kids: Let kids get cuddly for the next movie marathon in their own wearable blankets. These super soft pajamas have hoods and full zippers to make getting in and out of them a cinch. Pick from a variety of different patterns and colors to find one for your child, then let the snuggle party begin.

Glowcity light up soccer ball kids size 5 black and orange

Light Up Sports Balls: Want to keep playing outside long after the sun has set? Try one of these light up balls. From football to basketball and soccer, the lights inside these balls activate when tossed, kicked, or caught. It makes playing their favorite sports more fun in lowlight conditions, or any other time. 

Pokemon backpack carry case play set folded out with extra figures stored inside

Pokemon Playset: Take their Pokemon game from the cards and the screen to three dimensional figures complete with their own arena. This compact hard-sided backpack unfolds to reveal a variety of Pokemon places. A spinning whirlpool, shaky bridge, and rolling boulders to avoid mean kids who love Pokemon will have plenty of action. When they finish, it all packs up nicely inside the backpack for easy storage and transport.

Playmobil my secret horse stable play box set up with horse and person

Playmobil Secret Play Box: It’s no secret that Playmobil makes toy sets kids love. These secret boxes are no exception. Get them in a variety of themes suited to your child’s taste. Each one unfolds to set the scene, with tons of accessories to bring their imaginations to life. A key tucked into the bottom keeps the entire box safe from prying eyes and hands, and tiny accessories out of the hands of younger siblings. Plus it all tucks away neatly when not in use. 

Manhattan Toy Company Baby Stella doll, two Groovy Girls dolls one boy and one girl, and one Lottie Doll sitting together in pile

Dolls: No matter what kind of doll your child likes, choose from one of these sturdy options that will delight them for years to come. Each one offers lots of themes and accessories to expand their pretend play, and will hold up to some serious love from kids.

Excavation Kit for Kids: Get kids involved in this hands-on science experiment. Let them discover the joys of uncovering hidden treasures. Use the included tools to chip away bits of plaster to reveal gemstones, fossils, and more tucked away inside. Once they finish the activity, they can learn more about what they revealed.

Thames and Kosmos gumball machine maker science toy for kids

Gumball Machine Maker: Combine a love of building with multiple moving parts and you’ve got this gumball machine. Assemble the different pieces along the outside of the tower to explore the science of movement and forces. From a tiny trampoline to ramps and chutes, kids will delight in moving the parts around to see what happens to the gumballs as they descend. 

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